10 reasons Why You Should Invest in Motorised Blinds

Today we’d like to talk about motorised blinds. Because we receive so many questions about this popular window coverage, we felt it important to try and cover as many as we could in a single blog post. We’re going to be looking at how they work, why they’re so popular and whether they’re worth the investment.

We already know the appeal of blinds in general, the accurate coverage they give, the versatile range of designs, colours and styles. But now motorised blinds take it up a notch, and not only give you all of the above, but just that little bit more with convenience and functionality.

  • How do motorised blinds work? Motorised blinds are the smart, easy option for your window. They’re raised and lowered with a motor, so you no longer have to think about cordless solutions, chains or lift cords at all. Simply by pressing a single button your shades will lower and raise, and not only that, you can operate more than one blind at a time, and if you have the app on your phone or tablet, from anywhere in the world. Much like you’d operate a nest app for your heating, you can set your blinds to lower and raise at a time convenient to you – even when you’re not there.
  • Wi-Fi, internet connections and multiple operation. You’ll find that motorised blinds are a godsend if you’re away and you want to give the impression there’s someone in the house to deter burglars. They can be set up so that they lower and raise on each day of the week, from Sunday to Monday in a normal way, even when there’s no one there, and from anywhere where’s there’s an internet connection.
  • What type of windows can have motorised blinds? More or less any type of window can have motorised blinds, that includes apex windows, sliding doors even, skylights, unusually shaped and high windows. Yes, every type of window can benefit from motorised blinds, and if some of your windows are high up and it’s a strain to reach them, a motorised system means you can operate your blinds without ever having to touch them.
  • Are motorised blinds expensive? They’re certainly not the cheapest, but you get so much back for your investment, including peace of mind and that lux feel of classic, elegant blinds that are easy to operate from a distance. If you have young children, you won’t have to worry about hazards and spending a bit more on making sure they’re accident proof. Although most blinds are now child safe, there’s always that niggling doubt there’s a risk for some kind of mishap. Not with motorised blinds, because if they’re operated with the use of an app, even your children can operate them – safely.
  • But are they worth the investment? We believe they are for the reasons mentioned, peace of mind, ease of operation and with the convenience from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet access and a Wi-Fi signal you’re good to go. The app is so easy to use even a child can use it. The app is available on android as well as iOS giving you control and ease of access from any location.
    What other reasons would there be for investing in motorised blinds?
  • How about convenience? As we’ve already seen they are the perfect solution for difficult to reach windows. They also offer great shading when you want less light and perhaps some much needed privacy, whether you’re in an office or your living room, and at the touch of a button. When choosing blinds for your windows always go for low voltage for small to medium windows but for larger windows you might want something more powerful.
    From one central remote control your motorised blinds can be operated by you, your family, and if your blinds are for the office, they can be easily operated by your team or your customers. Remember that with the app your blinds can be controlled with a smart automation system that’s easy to use and very convenient.
  • Safety – in the past blinds were controlled by chain operation and was the standard mode of operation, but now due to the accidents and hazards they cause, this is now starting to change. It is the law that all blinds come with safety chains or wands so there is less chance of an accident, but in all likelihood all blinds will be motorised in the future.Safety is all about the child when it comes to blinds, but pets can also cause accidents that create a ripple effect which can then cause a hazard to everyone else. An over curious cat or dog can easily lead to something more sinister.
  • Pets and blinds are not a happy combination. In the past, pets have caused accidents by accidentally wrapping the cords around their necks and suffered a serious injury as a result. In certain circumstances some accidents even led to the death of the animal. Strangulation due to blind cords was a reality that was all to common hence the child safety regulations and the changes made to make blinds safer to use.
  • That first impression – they look so stylish and elegant as well as matching all other automated systems in your home. Motorised blinds are luxurious and ooze style and charm. This is regardless of whether they’re in the office or in the home. If you want or need an automated environment, then motorised blinds give you that, and these impressive window dressings can complement the rest of your smart home accessories like the heating, alarm system and temperature control.
  • Easy operation and hidden controls, just an elegant set of blinds. And there’s no need for an ugly motorised system that everyone can see either, it’s discreetly hidden from view providing a neat and elegant finish without the visibility of any sort of mechanism, or the operating cords of more conventional blinds. All you need is your app or a hand operated remote. You’ll get all that blinds have to offer including light and privacy control, so you can watch TV or read a book without the glare of the sun, or the prying eyes of people walking past if you live near a busy street.

Would you like motorised blinds in your home? If you’d like to invest in motorised blinds, now you see how convenient and easy they are to operate, get in touch and we can help you choose your blinds. We have a fabulous range of colours, styles and patterns which will easily fit in with whatever theme, décor or style you have in your home. Give us a call today.

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